Hydroponics Gardens Masaka

Pioneers of simplified hydroponic farming technology

Who are we?

We are the pioneers of simplified hydroponic farming technology and sole distributor of a superior subsurface plant responsive drip in East Africa. Hydroponics Gardens Masaka, is an agri-tech company Committed to Understanding and Meeting the Agricultural Needs of urban women and Smallholder Farmers in Uganda through manufacturing hydroponic gardens. 

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. With hydroponics, the farmer is unaffected by seasons and adverse weather conditions, which historically has given rise to severe food insecurity in Uganda and Africa at large. 

Our innovative farming systems are the most sustainable and cost-effective farming methods on the market. 

Our Services

We manufacture, install and promote customized hydroponic fodder and vegetable systems.

Vegetable systems

Ensure your food security by growing these nutritious foods at home

Farming training & Support

We help train and help you to setup your own hydroponic garden

Hydroponic Equipment

We supply hydroponic equipment and material

Our Impact

Our work is not having only an economic impact but a high-value social influence. Here arefew numbers.

Litres of water saved.
0 m
Households supported.
0 +
Tonnes of Food Yields.
Youth Trained

Our sponsors & partners

We are pleased to work with partners. They work with us globally and each of us focuses on achieving sustainable change in different ways. In short, each partnership is unique. We focus on
creating long-lasting relationships with our partners so that we can support each other at every
step of our journey in the best way possible.

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