Vegetable Systems

We sell and install complete hydroponic vegetable systems, both vertical and horizontal, to suit the needs of every individual or community. Committed to Understanding & Meeting the Agricultural Needs of women and Smallholder Farmers in Uganda through manufacturing hydroponic gardens. 

It is the ideal solution for small plants like lettuce, spinach, different types of kales, cabbage and aromatic plants. This system uses water in a very efficient way and requires little maintenance.
You can use different levels of automation like adding our RDI System or a pump and reduce the work.

Ensure your food security by growing these nutritious foods at home. Hydroponic farming is the future of food production, and there has never been a better time to get started.  We are no longer limited by climate or season in the pursuit of clean, fresh food. We can now grow virtually any plant, anywhere at any time of year. With our simple, effective hydroponic systems, coupled with modern environmental controls, anyone can save precious resources like water, reduce their carbon footprint, and feed their community. Got more questions about hydroponics? We have answers! We’ve got experience, and would
love to share what we’ve learned.

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