Farming Support

We train and help farmers to setup their own hydroponic garden. Given our expertise in
Sustainable Environmental Systems, we are unique in that we offer our training in multiple
hydroponic systems. We provide 3, 5 and 7 day training programs for the following systems:
 Freight Farms
 Tower Farms and Gardens
 Indoor stack racks

The courses are designed to save farmers considerable time and money by accelerating them through what can otherwise be a lengthy trial and error process for achieving efficiency in vertical farming management, sales and crop production.

We take them through the intricate
mechanics of growing in the hydroponic unit of their choice, from software and hardware
management to successfully planting, growing, and harvesting your greens. We also have direct to consumer business models and plans that we share with our clients. Our trainings are guaranteed to help new owners achieve profitability faster.

Looking farming support on hydroponic farm?

We have answers! We’ve got experience, and would love to share what we’ve learned. Check out our Hydroponics Gardens Masaka today.