Hydroponic Fodder

We do help community members on how to construct hydroponic fodders in their homes. The hydroponic fodder is young tender grass grown from cereal grain, mostly barley. In essence, it
replaces grains like a dairy meal, pigs feeds, and poultry feed concentrates. 

Vegetable Systems

We sell and install complete hydroponic vegetable systems, both vertical and horizontal, to suit the needs of every individual or community. Committed to Understanding & Meeting the Agricultural Needs of women and Smallholder Farmers in Uganda through manufacturing hydroponic gardens.

Farming Support

We train and help farmers to setup their own hydroponic garden. Given our expertise in Sustainable Environmental Systems, we are unique in that we offer our training in multiple
hydroponic systems. We provide 3, 5 and 7 day training programs for the following systems:

Looking set up your own hydroponic fodder farm?