Hydroponic Fodder

Hydroponic Fodder is a type of grass produced in a hydroponic system. In other words, it is a type of feed made from growing plants in water instead of soil. It is packed with nutrients, and you can use it to supplement the diet of livestock or poultry.

Hydroponic fodder is a great way to provide your livestock with a nutrient-rich diet that is convenient and easy to store.

The hydroponic fodder is young tender grass grown from cereal grain, mostly barley. In essence, it replaces grains like a dairy meal, pig’s feeds, and poultry feed concentrates. Globally, hydroponic fodder is considered to be the best livestock feed. This system is a temperature and humidity controlled growing room that is designed for sprouting grains.

Fodder for Livestock

There are many benefits to using hydroponic fodder for livestock, including:

The feed is more nutrient-dense than traditional feeds made from plants grown in soil. This means that animals will need to eat less of it to get the same amount of nutrients.
You could potentially improve the digestibility of the nutrients in the ration by feeding hydroponics fodder. This could, in turn, lead to increased milk production by 8%-13%, as per research.

Hydroponic fodder is easier to digest than other types of feed, making it a good choice for animals with digestive issues.
The feed is free of pesticides and other chemicals in traditional soil-grown plants.

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